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The Wall

The Wall : Chapter 3

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Numéro 25

Numero 25 Collection

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Rétrospective Collection

Lelièvre Paris & Maison Leleu, two prominent French home design brands join forces to create a collection of resolutely contemporary and perfectly coordinated fabrics and wallpapers

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Signature Collection: Borealis

The Signature BOREALIS collection is an invitation to escape... Inspired by the wild landscapes of Scandinavia, its designs conjure views of snow-covered forests, frozen lakes and deep, ice-loked fjords.

Collection Contract n°25

Oversized graphic patterns, geometric lines, maze motifs, a broad palette of colours… Lelièvre Paris’s Numero 25 collection draws inspiration from Greek mythology, the majestic columns of antique palaces, their wealth and opulence, their vast proportions and their dazzling light. Quality embossed materials in matt, sparkly or semi-glossy finishes; natural drapes and enveloping shapes — these are some of the defining features of this new collection that equally surprise and entice, with unique designs and a palette of bold statement colours. The NUMERO 25 collection is woven at Lelièvre’s own mill near Lyon, France.

Rétrospective collection

A collection of contemporary fabrics and wallpapers based on iconic designs from Maison Leleu’s archives and manufactured by Lelièvre Paris.

Collection The Wall : Troisième chapitre

This collection was designed as the perfect complement to the brand’s Signature BOREALIS fabric collection — with products revisiting motifs from the collection and others featuring brand new designs based on iconic patterns from previous collections. This creative mix delivers a wildly imaginative collection, sometimes spectacular, but always timeless.

New collections

Dive into Lelièvre Paris's new collections universes and discover a creative mix delivering wildly imaginatives collections, sometimes spectacular and always timeless.