An elegant stance. A cloakroom created using the finest textures and great classic styles with an unique, imaginative twist. From enjoying the fresh air and the thrill of a drive to a more serious moment spent reading at the heart of a cosy library, or an intimate exchange sat in a smoking room ... Collection no. 23 is inspired by a gentlemen’s way of life from the last century, both curious and elegant.

A unique fabric, woven in our workshops in France and inspired by Japanese dream designs... "Aishiru" is the "must-see" installation to discover absolutely in Paris... From the 7/09 to the 15/09...

‘The South.’ Those words conjure up images of the regions unique colours; of that glowing light that at once sculpts the landscape and enhances everything it touches. The beautiful atmosphere of this fascinating region has inspired the Lelièvre Signature 2018 collection Riviera, a tribute to The South’s timeless aura.

A caravan at the end of a road, a Babushka scarf, cherry blossoms in Kyoto, a boat that drifts silently, perhaps on the Mekong, a siesta in Indonesia or under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, night falling on a country lake, glimpses of faces, pieces of ripped up posters .... Wallpapers, fabrics, home accessories - Lelièvre by Jean Paul Gaultier

Our archives are the source of infinite inspiration. Each year, a selection of its treasures is adapted in our “Collection Patrimoine” . We invite you to discover these unique creations here.

The flutter of a bird’s wings, lush vegetation and lustrous leaves. A thick and vibrant oasis. A house that you second guess is there. From this dream world, the Lelièvre studio created a brand new collection where the walls’ patina merge and the various natural materials and vintage ceramics, inspire the motifs that make up the stunning new range. The oversized foliage fuses with the extraordinary jungle that surrounds it, its beautiful fibres inspiring the various colours and textures explored in the collection.

A guided walk, a glance towards a sensory cultured space. A look born of diversity in design and textures, inspired from animal and vegetal materials, wild areas... Such a richness of exotic influences, African, Amerindian, Slavic, Latin, which lead to a return to the colors of the earth and natural matt fibers which express themselves in a fundamental way.