This year, Lelièvre’s Signature collection draws its inspiration from the high mountains of the Himalayas. High quality yet comfortable materials, weft-knitted wool and linen combined with refined materials and airy fabrics. The palette of natural shades, ranging from warm browns to terracottas, is lit up with shimmering ochres and sparkling copper.

A silk and linen brocatelle made using a high-relief velvet from the Neo Regency era of the 19th century. With its fluting, lush foliage and structured details, this brocatelle evokes the decorative arts at the end of the 19th century...

This time the influences are taken from the pop universe, where the fortune teller and the work of the macrame makers blend naturally into magical landscapes of floral opulence and the third dimension and other graphic waves. The introduction of the first two outdoor fabrics continue the mix of playing with nature... still with a nod to the influence of pop and even rock...

The Wall - Deuxieme chapitre

A second wallpaper collection which pays tribute to Jean Cocteau, one of the artists who has shaped the French cultural landscape the most in the 20th century.

Collection Numéro 24

A night in a venetian palace… Time stands still Beautiful, matt textures without ostentation, decorated in places with relief, sometimes with luxurious designs incrusted with gold, frescoes patinated by time, colours sometimes powdery and faded or simmering with mother of pearl.

Bark, feathers, essence, shimmer and down ... The inspiration of the new Signature collection is the flamboyance of the natural world.

An inspiring collection, born of the excellence and craftsmanship of Lyonnaise silk and expert interpretation of the brand’s archives.

The very first collection designed by Lelièvre Paris

The new Jean Paul Gaultier by Lelièvre wallpaper collection

An elegant stance. A cloakroom created using the finest textures and great classic styles with an unique, imaginative twist. From enjoying the fresh air and the thrill of a drive to a more serious moment spent reading at the heart of a cosy library, or an intimate exchange sat in a smoking room ... Collection no. 23 is inspired by a gentlemen’s way of life from the last century, both curious and elegant.