As a Design Studio & Purveyor of Fine Fabrics, Lelièvre is now in its fourth generation: 100 years of know-how, history, beauty and design.

The brand is always anchored in its day. Its contemporary strength is to be found in all of the fabrics – from silks to the flame retardant textiles that Lelièvre has injected into the market with its typical creativity – as well as in the contemporary patterns that the art team adapts according to its inspiration, creating harmonious pieces. Design does not stop at the idea phase: it takes form, going onto be orchestrated and interpreted in our weaving mill in Lyon, where unique expertise can make any utopia or dream come true, weaving it into the sophisticated structure of a fabric.

With its brand Tassinari & Chatel, the company can offer designs and bespoke creations inspired by archives over three hundred years old, as well as satins in colours that only exist inan imaginary world.
This same drive is to be found in outstanding partnerships with haute couture houses, all selected with the same degree of thoroughness for their aesthetics and creativity. This energy also gives life and rhythm to one of France's last-surviving handlooms.
And in a world where everything moves so fast, how wonderfully bold it is to state that “it all takes time”, and to champion a style that underpins all of the company's collections: beauty.

Beauty that revels in discretion - resorting neither to exuberance nor to gadgetry to create a stir.

That's the Lelièvre style. It flourishes in the timelessness we create today. It has a cosmopolitan character, but an undeniably French approach. Elegant and unfussy. Exceptional but sensitive.
Lelièvre creates the soul of World interiors. An inspired team rises to the creative challenge, crafting timeless designs for us to fall in love with today, and cherish forever.