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Quenin x Galerie Vauclair

Galerie Vauclair invites you to discover its new exhibition "Ma Madeleine à moi" to mark the launch of the Quenin brand. The exhibition, designed by Pietro Scaglione, Artistic Director of the PINTO Agency, will run until the end of February.

Revival of a Maison Lelièvre brand


The history of Lelièvre and Quenin is closely interwoven. Both French companies made their debut during the Belle Époque. Modernity was emerging at the turn of the century, and progress, light-heartedness and avant-garde movements were bringing profound changes to lifestyles. It was in this frenzy that Quenin was born in 1865 in the cradle of Lyon’s silk industry.

A new chapter was opened in 1973 when Lelièvre bought the Quenin factory, with its centuries-old expertise. French style, a taste for beauty and a passion for materials and colour are a shared heritage. In 2023, Maison Lelièvre is updating a classic repertoire with a bold twist, combining tradition and impertinence.


Tassinari & Chatel, 25 years of the jewel of Maison Lelièvre

Tassinari & Chatel, one of the oldest weaving mills in Lyon whose origins go back to 1680, celebrates in 2023 25 years with Maison Lelièvre. 25 years of exceptional creations, 25 years of unrivalled expertise and 25 years of renovation of French and international heritage. This anniversary is an opportunity to look back on the most prestigious creations of recent years in a series of videos entitled "Tassinari & Chatel, 25 years of the jewel of Maison Lelièvre".

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Exhibition - Marco Lavit

GEOMETRIE at Galleria Rossella Colombari

Le 4 octobre 2023, la Galleria Rossella Colombari inaugure l'exposition GEOMETRIE, en collaboration avec Marco Lavit et Lelièvre Paris.
La sélection réalisée par Rossella Colombari raconte le travail de Marco Lavit et notamment sa première collaboration avec notre Maison, avec la collection de tapis Finis Terrae. À l’occasion de cette exposition, deux nouveaux tapis ont été spécialement conçus dans une édition limitée.

Design by studio Winch Design

The Penthouse at The OWO London

The OWO Penthouse has been designed by international studio Winch Design, who combine their decades of experience in creating superyacht, private aircraft and residences for ultra-high net worth clients, with a timeless and joyful scheme that champions craftsmanship, artistry and The OWO’s historical and cultural significance. In the design of the five-bedroom lateral penthouse, Winch has collaborated with over forty award-winning suppliers to craft and source bespoke pieces of furniture, fabrics, artwork and accessories, creating a residence that feels carefully curated over time. Photo by Darren Chung

7-9 Juin 2023 | Copenhagen


For 3 Days of Design, Lelièvre x RDAI x Atelier Aréthuse are presenting "Seascape", an installation composed of two original pieces recalling the plant and marine world. The Copenhagen based cabinetmaker ATELIER ARETHUSE, has designed a table inspired by the seaside grape tree, "Coccoloba Uvifera”, accompanied by a rug evoking the ripples of the wind-swept sand. This rug is developed in collaboration with our neighbours, the Parisian agency RDAI.

March 29-April 02, 2023

Lelièvre at PAD Paris

Created in 1998, PAD was the 1st created Design fair in the world, and remains the leading event for international Design collectors. PAD brings together the best International and French galleries of Historical and Contemporary Design.
The opportunity for Lelièvre fabrics and rugs to sublimate the spaces of the Galerie Gosserez and the Galerie Anne Jacquemin.

Rijksmuseum x Lelièvre Paris x Wilmotte

Lelièvre Paris at the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is bringing together twenty-eight paintings by Johannes Vermeer in a major retrospective, representing more than two-thirds of his work. This is the first time that visitors will be able to see so many of his paintings.
Lelièvre is proud to be able to magnify the works of Vermeer, in one of the most beautiful museums in the world, the Rijksmuseum. To highlight the artist's paintings, the architect of the exhibition Jean-Michel Wilmotte chose Lelièvre velvet for its acoustic, cosy and intimate effect, and to bring a theatrical aspect to the presentation of these paintings. The soft velvet is presented in blue, green and red, Mr Wilmotte's favourite colours.


Lelièvre Paris x La Boîte Concept

The two French brands La Boite concept and Lelièvre Paris have combined their expertise to create an exceptional edition at the crossroads of their two universes: exceptional textiles and high-fidelity audio. This special edition Lelièvre, high fidelity speaker and turntable, covered with is destined decoration lovers in search of beautiful materials and technological objects with a unique personality.

Lelièvre Paris x Jean-Michel Wilmotte Collection

Big Tie by Wilmotte

Passionate about material, craftsmanship and handwork, Jean Michel Wilmotte hoped that though collaborating with Maison Lelievre, he would reconnect with the traditional art of French weaving.

Created in search for harmony and elegance, the Big Tie by Wilmotte collection reinterprets the classic Jacquard patterns woven ties, oversizing them to take them to another level. Jean-Michel Wilmotte's aim was to magnify the quality of the fabric by bringing a contemporary look.