Tassinari & Chatel

Tassinari & Chatel LES RUBANS

Fabric — 2 colours



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Brand Tassinari & Chatel

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Technical data

Composition CUP 56% - Viscose 44%
Width 130 cm
Repeat cut No
Vertical repeat 21 cm
Uses Upholstery - Curtains - Walling - Accessories
Weight / Linear metre 305 g
* Available while stock last

The 2 colours

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Vertical stripe of two weaves, one satin and one cream Gros de Tours moiré. In the satin band there is an undulating motif of draperies and bows with little flowers and fringed cords. This motif is a reinterpretation and simplified version of a twisting motif for a border walling fabric attributed to Philippe de Lasalle in around 1760 &