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Tassinari & Chatel CHARTRES

Fabric — 5 colours



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Brand Tassinari & Chatel

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Technical data

Composition Silk 100%
Width 70 cm
Repeat cut No
Uses Upholstery - Curtains - Walling - Accessories
Weight / Linear metre 160 g

The 5 colours

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A cut velvet (100% Silk) on a Gros-de-Tours background, an open check design framing small squares of silk velvet.Velvet has always been greatly valued, not only for its sheen but also for its pleasing "soft as velvet" feel. In the 16th century in Italy, in Venice and especially Genoa, the artisans began to weave figured velvets. In the 17th century a silk weaver from Lyon introduced the manufacture of figured velvets into France.