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Fabric — 5 colours



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Brand Tassinari & Chatel

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Technical data

Composition Silk 100%
Width 130 cm
Repeat cut No
Vertical repeat 25 cm
Uses Upholstery - Curtains - Walling - Accessories
Weight / Linear metre 275 g
* Available while stock last

The 5 colours

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A Louis XV lampas on a « cannetille » ground. The garlands of coloured flowers in shaded tones, twist vertically up a delicately textured surface originally one of the new floral designs made fashionable by Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV s favourite. She liked to adorn herself with real or silk flowers as we can see from numerous portraits. Her salon in Bellevue was decorated with panelling sculpted with plant arabesques and floral furnishings. Under the influence of the marquise, the use of fresh colours created an atmosphere of eternal spring.