Tassinari & Chatel

Tassinari & Chatel POMPADOUR

Fabric — 3 colours



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Brand Tassinari & Chatel

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Technical data

Composition Silk 100%
Width 130 cm
Repeat cut No
Vertical repeat 40 cm
Uses Upholstery - Curtains - Walling - Accessories
Weight / Linear metre 410 g

The 3 colours

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Pompadour, a lampas in typical Louis XV style with a delicate flowing design in 9 colourways typical of that period.A canetille background adorned with four resplendant bouquets in refined colours and foliage and garlands. 4 background colourways each with its own colouring of bouquets. The name of this delicate lampas fabric pays hommage to one of the most important ladies of the siecle des Lumieres. Mmm de Pompadour, mistress, confidante and advisor to Louis XV, influenced blooming of the arts by her patronage. Architects, writers, thinkers, artists and philosophers all enjoyed and benefited from her protection and support.