Tassinari & Chatel

Tassinari & Chatel JARDIN D'HIVER

Fabric — 1 color



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Brand Tassinari & Chatel

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Technical data

Composition Silk 68% - Viscose 32%
Width 130 cm
Repeat cut Yes
Vertical repeat 84 cm
Horizontal repeat 65 cm
Uses Upholstery - Curtains - Walling - Accessories
Weight / Linear metre 400 g

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This magnificent lampas was first produced in 1866 and is based on a Japanese drawing by Grand Frères, owners of the weaving factory since the beginning of the century. The design shows the tree of life, luxuriant with flowers, fruits and multicolored birds, flourishing on two branches with an 87cm high repeat necessary for cutting. The freshness and delicacy of the design is typical of Japanese prints and ceramics brought to Europe in the mid to late 19th century.