Collection Patrimoine

Nouveauté patrimoine

The contemporary quality and elegant feel of the new Opal and Nacre colourways will provide a source of inspiration for interior designers looking for sophisticated accents to add to interiors with minimal décor. As well as those looking for gorgeous elements to design an atmospher 
centred around light and the unique characteristics of silk fabric and regal patterns: vivid colours, exquisite details, rich patterns and light reflections. Another specific quality of the newest releases is their width — 130 cm vs 54 cm for earlier colourways — with a two-row full drop pattern repeat. Wider rolls ensure the fabric can be used on larger surfaces, as the fabric’s natural and opulent drape makes it a perfect choice for window coverings. It is also ideally suited for wall and seat upholstery. This soft and supple all-silk lampas is woven at our own factory near Lyon, France.